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welcome kitty

three kittys

tabby line

We would like for you to meet the babies of the family.Our mommies call us the babies but we are big girls and boys now.The 3 youngest are almost 2 years old.I guess our mommies will always think of us as their babies no matter how old we become.There are a total of 8 cats in our family,counting our mommy Tiger and our mommy Baby.There is always someone to play with and to hide with when a big old storm comes blowing through.We are afraid of lightning.


We had a hard time deciding who would be the official spokeskitty for our family but I meowed the loudest so I won.I am Rascal and at times have lived up to my name very well.



My blood sister is Smokey and my real mommy is Tiger. That in itself makes me very unlike a lot of other cats because I have my real mommy and sissy.A lot of kitties never even know their mommies and sissies.They are taken away and sometimes really bad people do terrible things to them.My mommy Tiger told us about all the bad things that are outside.I never want to go out there.It is really, really,dangerous cause there are a lot of people that hate cats.Why anyone would not love us is hard for me to understand.They just don't know us cats because to know us is to love us. My human mommy said that anyone that would abuse an animal would also abuse a child.

I was elected because I talk a lot and I do mean a lot,especially if my human mommy is busy and I want attention.I can really sing a loud kitty call for affection.The doctor told my human mommy that he thought I had a little Siamese in me.I don't know what Siamese is or means.Sure don't think that is me.I asked mommy Tiger and she don't know.Guess our doctor is silly.

My favorite thing is playing with the younger kitties.They are so much fun.I was the first one to make up with them when they came into the house.I even made up with their mommy,Baby,right away.I can't say the same thing about Smokey,Bandit and even my mommy,Tiger.I loved it.I thought they were my very own.Their mommy did not mind that I played with them and taught them things.She even let me wash them.I would have been the greatest mommy in the whole world but my human mommy had me *fixed,whatever that means.

Cody,Cheyenne,Lil Bear and me love to play tag.Sometimes we get a little rowdy.We love to run up and down the stairs.I am really little for my age.The kittens are all bigger than me.

2kittysNobody can pick on me because God made me very fast and feisty too make up for my small size.I am a tough kitty but I am also a softie at heart.

Smokey and I were born on Apr.13,1990.Patches died on Jan.1997.Shortly after Patches died I got really sick.I couldn't hardly pee.It hurt real bad and I would let out the lodest cry.It scared my mommy,Tiger,and my human mommy and daddy.They took me to the doctor.I had a real bad sickness and almost died.I know they cried a lot and did all kinds of things to help me.I had to stay at the doctor.I got better and whatever it was has not come back.I can't pronounce the name of it,think it was something like FUS.My human mommy might write something about it.

Mommy Tiger is calling me and if I don't come when I am called she sometimes gets a little miffed at me.I think it is bathtime.She washes everyone.There are no dirty cats or people in our house.I will let one of the other kitties say something to you now.



Meeeee! my name is Smokey.I didn't think she was ever gonna shut up.She gets wound up and drives us all Crazy but I will always love her.We have a really big family and there is always someone to play with.Sometimes I just like to be left alone and when that happens I let those younger kittens know it.I don't hurt them or anything.I just give them an airbox.You know what that is don't you. It is when we act like we are gonna hit one another but we hit the air instead.It gets our point across and so they just go into another room until we feel like their company.A girl has to have some time for herself.

I don't like to run and play tag as much as my sissy.I am getting too old for that but I don't think Rascal will ever grow up.She can't go into her 2nd childhoold cause she never got out of her first.I like to play with the doohicky thing off of the milk carton.I don't want to share the doohicky with anyone.It is all mine,that is until one of the little kittens comes and swipes it.That is o.k.but they usually end up losing it.When our human mommy sweeps under the cabinet and behind stuff there is always a bunch of little balls and doohickies.

When I play by myself I meow a whole big bunch because I am so happy. Actually,I don't really Meow,it sounds more like a MEEEEEE.! Everyone calls me the one note kitty.At least I can say part of the Meow.Cheyenne never meows.He makes funny human baby sounds.He goes to our human mommy and says ooooooooohhhh!It is so funny. He wants to be picked up and cuddled.It actually makes me get off my comfortable couch and go laugh at him.

I am really glad that I am part of this family.I am glad that our human mommy and daddy took Baby in and she had her kittens.I can't forget little Bandit either.She is like my real sissy too.She never knew who her mommy was so my mommy became her mommy.She showed up here when she was barely weaned and I am sure glad she did.I gotta go for now,it is time for one of my catnaps.I gotta make sure I am wide awake tonight cause that is when we love to rip and tear.



bandit & kittens

That's me checking those little kittens out

Meow to you! My name is Bandit.I am the only black n white *tuxedo* left.Lucky and Patches are both at Rainbow Bridge.I sure miss them. That is a pic of me and my big brother Lucky.I am on the right.This pic is one of my human mommys favorite.It is mine too.I don't know who my real mommy is.I showed up here when I was just barely weaned.It was a real stormy night and I was so scared.I had been abandoned but I found my way here.I am so happy that I did.There was a mommy cat here that loved me like her own.She had to teach me everything.I am a little over 3 years old.Baby is just a few months older than me.Until Baby came here I was the center of attention.Then she came and not only was there another cat to vie for the affection of mommy Tiger and my sissys and my human mommy & daddy but she gave birth to kittens.I did not want to like them.I tried to avoid them at first.I thought they would get all the attention but I was wrong.Mommy Tiger and my human mommy and daddy have so much love for all of us.None of us is neglected.We all have our own special time.I love it when I get washed by mommy Tiger and my human mommy massages me.I am in kitty paradise. I would watch thoses kittens romp and jump around,they were so funny.Sometimes they would arch their back and run sideways,than they would jump straight up in the air.Rascal played with them all the time.She played with them before any of us did.I watched her having so much fun that I thought I might join in.It was great.Hey,I had someone that I could show the ropes to and I was no longer the baby of the family. Yep,I had made it up one notch in the cat hierachy.

Baby is really nice too.She is very quiet and she really babies her little girl,Lil Bear.The 2 little boys,Cody and Cheyenne are more outgoing than Lil Bear.Lil Bear is more like me.We are both 2 very beautiful girls and very unique.

I was named Bandit because I was a thief and stole my human mommy and daddy's heart.When they saw me they could not resist me.They definitely could not let me fend for myself.I was one of the lucky ones.There are so many kittys that have been abandoned and abused.Our human mommy and daddy had all of us operated on as soon as we were old enough so we couldn't make any babies.

My very favorite thing of all is when my human mommy gives me a massage.I also like to play ball.I like to lay on the pooltable and watch what is going on.



Hi! I am the oldest by a matter of minutes of my blood brother,Cheyenne,and my blood sister Lil Bear.My real mommy is Baby. Our human mommy named us after her most favorite vacation place,Wyoming.She said that Lil Bear looked like a bear cub when she was born.She acts like a bear cub sometime.She is pretty silly and very quiet.Sometimes me and my brother like to pick on her.We don't hurt her but being a girl she is pretty much of a wimp.She is not as tough as we are.Cheyenne is real tough and he is also real little.

We live here with our real mommy and our adopted cat mommy Tiger.Tiger takes care of the entire family.Our mommy,Baby,likes to play tag with us boys and sometime we wrestle with our mommy.At times she gets a little rough.We just let out a whimper and she stops.

My human mommy says that I am so majestic looking.Don't know what that means but it sure sounds like it is something pretty good.I have long beautiful fur.I love to be brushed and massaged. My favorite thing to do is play ball and also play in paper sacks.I like to play in boxes too.We don't need any of those fancy toys.We are creative and make up our own games.

There is one thing that every cat in the family hates and is afraid of,that is that ugly thing our human mommy keeps in the closet.She turns it on and pushes it across the floor.It makes a heck of a noise.I don't know why she would want to play with something as loud and ugly as that.I hate loud noise. I run upstairs when my human mommy gets her big, ugly toy out to play with.

Lil Bear


This is me and my brother Cheyenne taking a nap.

My mommy is cuddling with me in this pic

My name is Lil Bear and I am very timid and shy.I am the unusual black kitty.I am my mommy's little girl.You know her by the name of Baby but she is just mommy to me and my brothers,Cody and Cheyenne.She always lets me cuddle with her.She puts her paws around me and makes me feel so safe.Sometimes my brothers get a little jealous cause mommy don't really hug them like me.She thinks that because they are boys they don't need to be hugged.Cheyenne just goes up to our mommy and starts washing her.Mommy gets the idea so she starts to cuddle with Cheyenne too.

I was the 2nd born.Cody was born first and then Cheyenne.I am very unusual and special.I am all black except for a couple of splashes of light brown .I have a splash above my right eye,under my neck,and one tiny splash on my left hind paw.Yes, I am pretty,thank you for saying so.

Our human mommy calls all of us little princes and princess.Maybe I should have just said kings and queens.We aren't old enough to be that and besides that title is reserved for Tiger and my mommy,Baby.


I love to sit in the window and watch the birds fly by.It is really fun .Somtimes they get in the swimming pool and get a drink.One thing I don't understand is why do they do their business all over my human mommy and daddy's lawn furniture.Haven't they heard of a litter box?

I love to sleep with my human mommy and my real mommy sleeps right beside of us.I feel so safe.I don't like strangers at all.I always run and hide when anyone new comes into the house.



Hi and ooooooooooohhhhhh! to you.I can't say meow,really I can but this makes me much different from my brother Cody and my sissy Lil Bear. My name is Cheyenne.Isn't that the most wonderful name of all.I am the very youngest in the family.I love everybody and everybody loves me.The handsome kitties in the pic are me & my sissy, Lil Bear. I am the one on the right.We are laying on the back of our big,big couch.That is one of our favorite places to lay.There is room enough for all of us to lay there at one time.Our human mommy is gonna get some better pics in here for us.Most of the pics were when we were real little.She just has to remember to take the pics and have the man develop them.She forgets important stuff sometime.I need a lot of affection and my humans sure do give it to me.

I am so glad that my mommy,Baby found this nice home and we were born here. My human mommy helped my mommy bring us into the world.All we have ever known has been LOVE.We are so very lucky.

I sometimes sit in the window and once I saw a really bad human boy pick up a little kitten and throw it.It made me so sad for the kitty.I think he ran away and maybe he was lucky and found a nice family like we got.I sure hope so.

I love to play all kinds of games,especially ball.I play ball with my brother and sissy.Sometimes the other cats play with us too,especially Rascal.I love Rascal and Tiger washes me and makes me tow the line.She acts like she is my grandma and my mommy is her baby.My mommy likes that cause Tiger takes care of her too.My mommy told me that just like Bandit she neve knew or does she remember anything about her real mommy. I guess Tiger is Bandit and my mommys mommy now.They sure love her and so do we.She really likes it when Tiger washes and cuddles her too.We never want anything to happen to Tiger.She is almost 10 years old now. We don't want her to go to that Bridge place that my human mommy said the other kittys are.We would be so lonely for her.

I love to get under the covers.I don't care where they are or what the weather is outside.I just like to be covered up.I love to cuddle with my human mommy. If she is busy I just take my paw and touch her on the face.Sure enough,it does the trick and I have my cuddling time.

I hate it when my human mommy and daddy reads.Me and Cody always go up and try to take the paper or book away from them.If necessary,we will just sit right down on the paper.Sometimes that works,sometimes it don't.Guess it depends how much they want to be informed about what is going on in the world.

I think I heard the door open and that means that our human daddy is home from work.I gotta go and get my hugs from him.I been missing him today. Come back and see us soon.Before I forget,Apr.29 is Cody,Lil Bear and my birthday.We will probably get something,maybe a new ball.We are always losing our other balls.Bye for now.


In case the guys forgot to tell you,our human mommy & daddy had all of us spayed & neutered as soon as we were old enough.Not sure what that means,think it means we can't make babies.We never go outside either.It is much too dangerous.

My mommy,Tiger, said to tell you kittys to follow us and we will have some fun.Let's go and listen to the



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