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no ordinary cats

Animal Rescue

All of the Animal Rescue Shelters listed below are No Kill Shelters

Spanky is a little orange tabby cat that has been burned nearly beyond recognition.He has underwent several surgeries.He is slowly on his road to recovery.This was made possible by the tireless work of Frances,owner of the Lighthouse Animal Rescue.Anyway that you can help Spanky or any of the other little animals that Frances rescues would be appreciated.
Lighthouse Animal Rescue~Spanky

stray no more

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kitten barline




A few of my favorite "No Kill" shelters.

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best friends

north shore <>




doris day

Every site listed here is dedicated to the care of all animals.The animals are given plenty of TLC.They have dedicated staff and volunteers. Their goal is to care for the animals and nurse them back to health.Eventually to see that the animal is adopted but if that is not possible,the animal has a home at the shelter for the rest of his life.

Remember these are all "No Kill Shelters".Beautiful words!No animal should be abandoned and then be killed by society.

spay pets


Kittens are precious but don't forget the adult cat.There are thousands of adult kittys who also need good homes.

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pawCat Fanciers

pawAnimal Rescue Foundations

pawBest Friends

pawGood Mews

pawLaga Vista P.A.W.S.

pawPet Rescue

pawTri-Valley Animal Rescue

pawCritter Orphanage

pawPotomac Stray Cat Rescue,Inc

pawThe Humane Society of Ocean City,New Jersey

pawAnimal Welfare/Rights/Humane/Rescue organization

pawHelen O. Krause Animal Foundation,Inc.

pawAnimal Friends

pawSans Colliers

pawPet Animal Welfare Society PAWS

pawThe 10th Life Foundation for Senior & Special Needs Cats

pawMercy Rescue Net

pawAlliance for Animals

pawWhiskers Animal Benevolent League

pawForgotten Felines

pawHelen Woodward Animal Center

pawAnimal Welfare League

pawPet Connection

pawSilicon Valley Friends of Ferals

pawCat Care Society

pawThe Cat Network

pawCat Welfare Association~Columbus,Oh

pawStrays Halfway House

pawFriends for Life

pawS.H.A.I.D. Tree Animal Shelter

pawFriends of the Plymouth Pound

Cats Haven

pawProject Purr

pawKalamazoo Animal Rescue

pawKitten Rescue

pawKitty Angels

pawThe Haven~Friends for Life

pawMerrimac River Feline Rescue Society


pawConnecticut Cat Rescue Web

pawPet Pride of New York,Inc.~A No Kill Shelter for Cats

pawPet Action League

pawOpen Up Your Heart

pawBenevolent Animal Rescue Committee

pawHomeless Animal Rescue Team

pawPeoples Anti-Cruelty Association/Albuquerque

pawTexas Cares

pawMaumee Valley Save-A-Pet,Toledo,Oh

pawDoris Day Animal League

pawHugs for Homeless Animals

Become involved.See what you can do to help all of the poor and defenseless animals that are mistreated every day.You will feel so very good about yourself when you do.

If you have read this page,then we kittys thank you.We are so glad that there are so many nice people like you and our human mommy & daddy.They saved us and we hope that you will help to save some of the little kittys or doggies at some of these shelters,or at your local shelter.

Pick your kitty up,hold him in your lap and feel the love that he gives to you.You two sit back and relax while we take you to the


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