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Give Your Kitty A Massage

Kneading Your Kitty

mommy & baby

A massage or kneading makes your cat feel loved,cared for,relaxed, revitalized and happy.It encourages self-healing and can reduce the effects of several illnesses,such as kidney,bladder,and joint disorders.

Massage also aids digestion,releases toxins,restores health and tones kitty's entire body.It's particularly beneficial for senior cats suffering fron the aches and pains that creep up during advancing years.

Kittens are welcomed into the world by their mother's rough tongue,licking and massaging them,all over their tiny bodies.Human hands take over when we cuddle,stroke,scratch and knead our cat's favorite body parts.

We all love to have our back rubbed or our feet massaged.Why would you not think that our cats would not also enjoy it.

This is a step by step illustrated guide to the proper way to give your favorite kitty the massage he so surely deserves and yearns.

Before you start,remember these basic facts so that the experience will be pleasurable for you and your kitty.

Be very gentle.What seems like pleasant pleasure for a human may be a painful squeeze to a cat.

If you touch a tender spot,STOP!

Remove any collars the cat may have on but not until your cat is completely relaxed.

Wrap a shy cat in a towel.Use fluffy blankets in winter.They all love our fluffy blankets and this will also help to relax him.

Discourage conversations during your massage time as it only acts as a distraction.You want your kitty to be able to completely relax.

Check your "claws" or for non-catlovers, your fingernails.We cat lovers have a language all of our own.

Wear loose,comfortable clothing.Remove rings and other jewelry that can become tangled in kitty's fur.We didn't like it when we were little and our mom brushed our hair and pulled it.

Play relaxing music.What ever music or sounds your kitty enjoys.

Dim the lights.

Switch off the phone.There is nothing worse than the blasted phone ringing and getting you and your kitty out of the mood and upset.

Now we are ready to begin,refer to the illustrated numbered guide.Be sure to follow these directions when massaging each area of kitty's body.A strong,positive attitude will help energize both you and your kitty.

cat kneading instructions

Ask your cat to lie face down.Take a deep breath.Rub your hands together to produce heat.Rest one warmed hand very lightly on the back of his neck and place the other on the base of his spine.Count to 10.Move the second hand to the middle of his back.Count again.Remove your hands.

Perform cat *effleurage. Don't forget to breath easily yourself.(Fig A)

You may be asking ,what is *effleurage. It is a series of gentle,soothing strokes. Stroke down the body with both hands,the opposite direction of human *effleurage,with one hand on each side of the spine.Repeat several times.Should you get mixed up simply stroke in the direction of the cats' fur,never against the nap.

Sweep your thumb from the top of his head to the base of his neck, very gently. (Fig B)

Gently massage the back of his neck,using a thumb on one side and index finger on the other.Gently pull the loose skin on both sides of his neck together. Always maintain body contact.

Place a thumb on each side of the spine and run them from the neck to the base of the spine.Make sure your thumbs do not rub over the spine itself.

Perform cat *petrissage. Your cat should be purring with happiness. (Fig C)

You may ask,what is *petrissage. Cat *petrissage is a gentle "kneading dough" movement involving slight pressure of your thumbs.

Use your thumb or index fingers to draw five little circles at the tailbone. (Fig D)

Perform a palm rub. Sweep your hands over the area where you've drawn circles to smooth it out.

Do an all-over back rub.Place one hand on each side of his back and away from the spine and alternate full,complete strokes down the back. (Fig E)

Gently run your hand along the tail a few times to rid kitty of negative energy.

While kitty is still lying on his tummy or sitting,move your thumb in a circular motion over his forehead.

Do the ears. With a very light touch trace the ears with your index finger.

Delicately hold each ear between your thumb and index finger and massage in a circular motion.

My kitties love that part the very best.They get so very relaxed that some of them fall asleep.

Tone his jawline by very gently stroking forward from the base of his neck to the tip of his chin. (Fig F)

Place kitty on one side, and put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his thigh. Rub both of your hands in a circular motion in the same direction. Then Switch. (Fig G)

Turn your kitty onto his back. Delicately perform cat *effleurrage over his chest and abdomen several times. Some cats get in a good lazy stretch,especially my 8 kitties.

Massage each leg by placing your thumb and index finger on either side,squeeze gently and draw your hand down the leg toward his paw.

Massage between each paw pad in a circular motion with your thumb.

Move each leg in a gentle,slow cycling motion. (Fig H)

Stroke his tummy in a counterclockwise motion. (Fig I)

Turn kitty over. place your hands flat on his back again for a moment,letting your energy soothe and revitalize his whole body.

Starting at the top of his spine,run a soft feather down his back and to the tip of his tail.

Give him a big cuddle. He is now a totally relaxed kitty

My kitties all look forward to their massage or kneading time.They each have their favorite part of the massage but most of them really enjoy the ears,face and paws.

I also stroke my kitties around the face in circular motions.It helps to calm them down if they are distressed about anything.

The massage is definitely not a one way street.I am rewarded for my *magic touch* by my kitties.They return to me the greatest gift of all,they *knead* me.This is the highest compliment a kitty can ever give to a human.It is reminiscent of their days as a baby and *kneading* their mommy.

mommy & baby

If you do these things for your kitty,you will have one very happy,contented little furrbaby.

I scanned the illustrated guide from Cats Magazine.I thought I would pass this info on for all cat lovers.

I want to thank my kittys for letting me write this page.They were not too sure of all the technical terms,they just know that it feels so wonderful.

There is much meowing coming from the other room.I have just been given that famous kitty stare for me to go and start the kitty massages.Tiger and Baby will now take over.Maybe they will let me speak to you again sometime.The babies are getting louder. I gotta go tend to the little sweeties.

Tiger and Baby want the computer back.Bandit,Rascal,Smokey,Cody,Lil Bear and Cheyenne are lined up waiting for their massage.

kitten barline

That massage felt so good,didn't it kitty? Be a nice kitty and let your humans get in a relaxing mood.Take them to listen to the


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