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Cat Facts

Did You Know

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but only four toes on each back paw.

Cats have true fur. They have an undercoat and outercoat.

The cat is a social animal. A pet cat will respond and answer to speech, and seems to enjoy human companionship.

When well taken care of, a cat can live twenty or more years.

A cat cannot see directly under its nose which is why a cat cannot seem to find tidbits on the floor.

Cats have AB blood groups just like people.

People that are allergic to cats are actually allergic to cat saliva or to cat dander.

Cats lack a true collarbone. They can generally squeeze their bodies through any space that they can get their heads through.

Many cats cannot properly digest cow's milk. Milk and milk products give them diarrhea.

Cats do get cancer and can have a form of aids.

Cats can have gum disease. The vet should clean their teeth once a year.

Most cats have no eyelashes.

Cats with white fur and skin on their ears are very prone to sunburn. Frequent sunburns can lead to skin cancer.

Cats can get tapeworms from eating fleas and mice.

You can tell a cat's mood by looking into its eyes. A frightened or excited cat will have large round pupils. An angry cat will have narrow pupils. The pupil size is related as much to the cat's emotions as to the degree of light.

A cat is pregnant for 58-65 days.

White vinegar is good to neutralize cat urine odor.

Cat "kneading" behavior is left over from kittenhood when they kneaded their mother's belly for milk. The marching or kneading means that the cat is happy.

A cat's normal temperature is 101.5 deggrees F. The critical environmental temperature is about 97 F, at which point a cat begins to pant to cool itself down. Sweat Glands exist in the pads of the feet and are scattered over the body, but sweating is not a temperature-regulating mechanism in cats.

Blue-eyed white colored cats are often born deaf. that is due to the gene that gives them their white coat is connected to deafness.

Cats with white feet are mistakenly called Boots,that white- pawed condition is referred to as "gloves" by those who truely know.

Nearly 10% of a cats bones are in its tail

A cat has 245 bones in their body, as they grow older some of the bones fuse and the number becomes smaller.

Cats have 30 teeth. Kittens have baby teeth which around 7 months are replaced with permanent fangs.

The Pilgrims introduced cats to N. America.

A cat spends about 30% of her life grooming itself.

An old barber shop tonic called Bay Rum makes an excellent skin toner for cats, adds sheen to their coats and they like the smell.

A cats hearing is one of the sharpest in the animal kingdom

A cat can recognize her owners foot steps from hundreds of feet away.

They can also recognize the sound of their owners cars.

A cats eyes shine at night due to a reflective layer called the tapetum lucidium, it contains tiny crystal like reflective properties. so when light hits a cats eyes it bounces back and makes it look as though the cats eyes are glowing.

The life expectancy for a cat was 8 years in 1930 which has now doubled to 16 years.

Cats are native to all continents except Australia and Antartica.

cat eating


Cats prefer to dine in a quiet spot, at the same time and in the same place each day, and from clean bowls free from the residue of detergents and the previous meal.

Cats do not like their whiskers disturbed while dining, and many will refuse to eat from a bowl whose sides touch their whiskers.

Cats can not taste sweets.

Chocolate is toxic. As little as a 16 oz. bar can kill a cat. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is.

Most adult cats are lactose intolerant and drinking milk will give them diarrhea. Otherwise, milk is a nutritious snack. Cream is even better than milk -- most cats can handle the butterfat just fine and it's good for them. A small serving of cream will satisfy the cat more than a saucer of milk and contains less lactose.

Do not purchase canned cat food that appears to be very red. The red coloring is due to the addition of sodium nitrate, a carcinogen. Pet food manufacturers are not required to list this chemical on their labels.

Taurine is needed to prevent blindness. Make sure it is listed among the ingredients of the cat foods you choose.

Cats should not be given raw or undercooked meat, or raw eggs. E-coli, salmonella and toxoplasmosis are not just people diseases.

Although this varies from cat to cat, the average hunting 10-lb cat would consume about 10 mice per day. This amounts to about one cup of dry food or 10 ounces of canned food. A cat over 10 lbs would require a bit more.


Did you know

that while the cheetah is the worlds fastest land animal it is also the only cat that can't retract its claws?

that a tigress shot in India was reported to have killed and eaten 436 people between 1906-07?

that when cats are "declawed" they are actually having their 3rd phalanx removed? It is the equivalent of you having your fingers cut off at the 3rd knuckle.


Age Chart For Cats

Cat's Age: ...................................Human's Age:

6 months...............................................10 years

8 months...............................................13 years

1 year....................................................15 years

2 years..................................................24 years

4 years..................................................32 years

6 years..................................................40 years

8 years..................................................48 years

10 years................................................56 years

12 years................................................64 years

14 years................................................72 years

16 years................................................80 years

18 years................................................88 years

20 years................................................96 years

21 years..............................................100 years



Catnip, a plant from the mint family, contains an oil called hepetalacetone, which acts on some cats like marijuana does on humans.

Not all cats are affected by catnip. All kittens under the age of eight weeks actually try to avoid it. As they get older between 50-70% of cats grow to be affected. This affinity is genetic.

"Ram" Cats

Until the popular 1760 story, The Life and Adventures of a Cat, male cats were known as "rams." In the story, the male cat was known as "Tom the Cat" and the name, "tom cats" stuck!

Cats More Popular than Dogs!

There are currently 62 million owned cats in the U.S, compared with 54 million owned dogs. Over the last ten years, owned cat numbers have climbed while owned dog numbers have not increased. There are also an estimated 26 to 40 million homeless cats in the U.S.


natural instinct~ no training necessary

One big myth about training a cat to use a scratching post or a litterbox is that you should rub their paws against the item. This is the LAST thing you should do, as it may cause an aversion that will keep your cat from coming anywhere near it!

Cats and kittens have a natural instinct to bury their feces, and don't need to be taught. For scratching, often encouraging them to reach up to the top of the post, perhaps after a toy, can get them to start scratching.

Christmas can be dangerous for Cats

Don't forget to keep your home "cat-proof" during the holidays, by keeping your cat away from poinsettas, ribbons, tinsel, and of course the electric cords for christmas tree lights.

In our household, our human mommy told her children to get her artificial flowers for inside the house.We kittys love to nibble at all the real flowers and sometimes the artificial one also.

Be careful with Christmas Tree water additives. Often cats like to drink that water and some additives are poisonous.

Make sure all tinsel, small ornaments and tree light cords are out of reach of inquisitive cats.

If your cats are like we are,they like nothing better than to climb up inside the branches of the Christmas tree.Our human mommy has learned to put unbreakable ornaments on the tree.That way if we get one of them they will not get cut.

Some chocolates can be toxic to cats and dogs.My cats have never been given chocolates.Better to be safe,than sorry.

Oldest Cat

The record for the oldest confirmed cat belongs to a thirty-six year old tabby named "Puss," who lived from 1903 to 1939.

Super Sleepers

Cats sleep on the average 16 hours out of every twenty four. This is very unusual for warm-blooded animals, who must normally engage in a great deal of hunting to maintain the food supply to maintain their high energy needs.

Cats get away with so much sleeping because they are highly successful hunters, and are so good that they can spend two thirds of their lives sleeping on full tummies!

Too bad we can't do that.They look so peaceful and content when they are taking one of their famous catnaps.


Antifreeze is so very dangerous to outside cats. It has a very appealing smell to cats, but is highly poisonous. Recently there have been some non-poisonous antifreezes put on the market which will protect animals from this hidden danger. If you see your cat licking something off the garage floor, call your veterinarian immediately.

Winter and your car

The poor little cats that are forced to live outside will take refuge in the engine compartment of the car.It is a good idea that before you start your car to pound on the hood of it first.That will startle the cat and he will leave.Better that he get a little afraid than to get killed.


Teeth chattering

Ever see your cat looking out the window at a bird, and suddenly start chattering his teeth?

This act is what is know as a vaccuum activity, in which the cat is performing the killing bite even though that bird isn't really in his mouth. Behaviorists have found that the teeth chattering is the identical movement a cat would use with real prey. This bite is a specialized attack which usually kills immediately, preventing the prey from injuring the cat.

We love to sit in the window and watch the birds.We get really excited at times.

Prey to Play

Many of your cat's favorite games may be based on their desire to keep her hunting instincts sharp. Kittens seperated from their mother at birth instinctually perform the prey pounce, the birds swat, and the fish scoop just like their wild ancestors. Each of these actions is nearly identical in all cats, and have been refined as efficient methods to quickly kill their prey.

It is great fun to watch kittys play.If you are lucky enough to have a mommy cat and her kittens,it is a real treat to watch her teach the kittens how to master "the hunt".They will sit patiently for hours if they think there is a mouse lurking around.If he happens to show himself they pounce on him and he is a goner.Then they like to bring their "trophy" for all to see.They even take their "trophy" whether it be a mouse or just a bug and bat it around like a baseball.

Older Cats

Is your older cat starting to miss the box? Older cats should be examined often for veterinary problems that accompany old age. If the veterinarian finds nothing wrong, sometimes elderly and weak cats have difficulty holding their bladders all the way to the box. Arthritis may also make entering the box difficult. You may wish to put a box on every floor of your house, and construct ramps so the cat can step down into each box.

As your favorite kitty ages there are things that are difficult for him to now do.He has a hard time getting up onto his favorite chair now.Make life easier for him.Put a little stool by the chair or window for him.He can't jump as well he used to.


Some deafness can be hereditary. Many blue-eyed white cats and odd-eyed cats suffer from this congenital defect. It can also be caused by pressure against the ear drum by infection or impacted ear wax, and a ruptured ear drum through injury or infection.

If your cat does not react to outside stimuli, such as another cat's growls, and is easily startled, take your cat into the veterinarian. Some deafness may be curable if you take your cat into the vet in time.


Feline Infectious Peritonitis is an infectious disease caused by a coronavirus dispersed in the saliva, urine and feces of infected cats. The cats at greatest risk of developing FIP are young cats from multi-cat households, persians and other purebreds, cats from a crowded situation like a shelter or cattery and of course, outdoor cats.

There is a new vaccine available that is safe and effective. If your cat is at risk, please consult your local veterinarian about this vaccine.

Symptoms of FIP include general illness, fever, weight loss, anorexia, swollen abdomen, kidney and liver problems, neurological disease, eye disease, anemia, and death. Once signs develop, the disease cannot be effectively treated.

We have devoted a whole page to this disease entitled "What is FUS and FIP"?


Toxoplasmosis is a disease carried by cats and people that can infect pregnant women and produce birth defects. Cats can spread the disease by excreting feces containing the parasite. Pregnant women need not give up their cats; rather they should use gloves when cleaning the litterbox or gardening. Of course, if you keep your cat indoors and only feed him or her commercail cat food, your cat will not be a carrier.

Keep your litterboxes clean and wash yourself thoroughly after cleaning them.A kitty does not like to use a dirty litterbox.Can you blame them.

Can neutered cats spray?

Yes,neutered cats can spray, although it is far less likely compared with intact animals. It is much more common in cats that have access to the outdoors, live in multi-cat homes, or are neutered after they have begun spraying. Female cats, even sterilized ones, can spray as well.

Cats may also start spraying if they become upset.They may be protecting their territory and letting the new arrival know that this is his domain.Kittys have emotional problems and feelings just like humans.


So many household items that we take for granted can hurt our cats.

1. Antifreeze is often very tasty to cats -- and highly poisonous.

If you live in colder climates, you might want to keep your cat inside during the winter. There are now a few new antifreezes available that are non-toxic, but most people use the poisonous kind.

It is best if you keep your cat indoors all of the time.An indoor cat is a safer and healthier cat.

2. Don't medicate your pets with humane medicines. Over-the-counter drugs may be safe for you, but things like aspirin, Advil, and Tylenol can be poisonous for pets.

Would you give your baby an Advil? Do not try to medicate your cat or diagnosis his symptoms.Take him to your vet.

3. Find out if you have any poisonous plants in the house.

No matter what kind of plants our human had our little ones would nibble on the leaves and get sick.They were not poisonous but it made them sick anyway.Our human mommy just stopped having any real plants in the house.She got real purrty artificial ones.The babies think they are real.

4. Keeps chemicals, cleaners, and medications in a closed cabinet where a curious pet cannot discover them.

Actually,you would do the same thing for your young children.Think of your kitty as a toddler that never grows up.They are curious and full of mischief.We must keep dangerous thigs our of their reach.At times that is hard to do.They can be very ingenious at times.

Injury and Purring

While we all seem to think that only a content cat purrs, there appears to be more to it than that. Cats in great pain from injury or labor often purr quite loudly. Kittens as young as one week old may also purr while nursing. An explanation for purring that fits all these instances might be that purring doesn't result from friendship, but may be a signal requesting MORE friendship.


In the same category as a "gaggle" of geese, or a "herd" of bison, a group of kittens is called a "kindle." The word kindle comes from the word kindle, which means to give birth.

Lucky Cats

In some cultures, a calico cat is supposed to bring luck, especially financially.

white cat

Dreaming of a white cat is also supposed to mean good luck for the next day.

black cat

Black cats of course, are associated with bad luck.

Many people today still hold some of these beliefs. This may stem all the way back to the Dark Ages, where many believed that cats were in league with the devil, and familiars for witches. Ironically, while cats would often be killed for every misfortune a city would face, the cat's ability to kill rodents who often carried disease made this the LAST thing they should have done.

Sixth Sense

If you thought that a cat's vastly superior sense of smell was certainly adequate, did you know that they have a second sensory organ that enhances it? This taste/smell structure, situated on the roof of the mouth, is technically termed the vomero-nasal or Jacobsen's organ. Humans used to have it also, but as we evolved as more vision-oriented creatures we lost the use of this organ, and now only a useless vestigal remains.


Ever see your cat "turn up his nose" to something smelly, such as a rivals urine mark?

Scientists used to believe that this was a show of disgust, but they got it backwards. This action, called a flehmen response, is a way for the cat to use his vomero-nasal organ to actually get a better smell of the object. This organ, one which humans lack, provides the cat extra sensory information to better understand his environment.

Cat Walks

Cats walk differently than dogs. In fact, along with giraffes and camels, cats are the only animals who have a gait where front and back legs move together on one side, then on the other. Cats also are the only clawed animal that walk on their claws instead of their paw pads.

Electric Shedders

Believe it or not, cats shed more in light - and not just sunlight. Not only do electric lights cause a cat to shed, but even a TV set glow can cause your cat's hair to fall out!

Of course,each cat is different.You may have a long haired cat and a short haired cat.Naturally,you would assume that the long haired cat would shed more.That is not always the case.We have a long haired tabby little boy and he dosen't shed anything like his sister who is short haired.She sheds much more.

Sandpaper Tongues

Cats tongues are covered with papillae - elevated backward hooks. As a predator, these hooks help to hold prey in place for the quick kill-bite. Their abrasiveness is also efficient for the long hours the cat spends grooming. Cats spend about 30% of their waking hours cleaning themselves.

For those people that say cats are dirty have never been around a cat.Cats are probably one of the cleanest animals of all.

Ancient Egypt

egypt cat

Records of fully domesticated cats have been found by archaelogists in Egypt that date back 3500 years.

Ancient Egyptians appreciated the cat as well. They were once considered sacred, and the punishment for killing one was death. If a cat happened to die in a household accident, Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning. The cat would then receive an extravagant funeral, be placed in colorful wrappings and a wooden cat mask, and some were buried in cat-shaped coffins. They were often laid to rest in vast cat cemetaries holding more than a million cats.


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