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Purrfect Pets~Marvelous Meows

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A cat is just a bundle of Purrs!

May all the little animals be as happy we are

cats welcome

end to abuse

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Our Family

My name is Tiger.I am the proud Matriach of our family.I am "The Topcat"of all the cats in our family.Baby and I are the mommies of the other kitties in the family.The kittens are each distinct with their own personalities.You will meet all of the family inside these pages.

Cats are often misunderstood.We are very affectionate and help to lower ones blood pressure.A cat is a friend who will never betray you.There is no such thing as "just a cat".All cats are special little furrbabies.

We can be very independent at times but we also crave the attention of our human mommies & daddies.

Dogs come when they are called.

Cats take a message and get back to you.


We kitties have a sense of humor too.

mommy & baby

Learn about how we all became one big happy family and came to live with our human mommy & daddy.See our story in

2 Mommies & their Babies.

After much meowing from the kittys,Baby and I decided to let them tell you a little about theirself.They can be a paw full at times.You will find out when you visit

The Kittys Speak.

Hey Kittys! After you listen to The Kittys,lets go do the Kitty Chow Chow.Listen to


cats on bench

Look at pics of our sweet babies in

Our Kitty Album

Anyone that has ever lost a pet knows the heartache of such a loss.We have 3 cats and 2 dogs at Rainbow Bridge.

babyangel&dog with book

Visit our Memorial to them at

Paws To Remember

Although the majority of people are good there are some that get pure enjoyment our of torturing animals.These same people that would torture an animal would also torture a child.Unfortunately,there are thousands of little cats and dogs that have been tortured and maimed by the human race.

hurt kitty

no abuse

Please do not abuse your pets.We have feelings too.Be a responsible pet owner and spay and neuter your pets.Never,Never Abuse Your Pets.

10 Commandments for Responsible Pet Owners

On the 8th day God created cats

So men could understand women :-)

Women & Cats do what they want

so Men & Dogs better get used to it :-)

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The album on this site is registered in the name of the owner Rustyjo.

Please sign one of our guestbooks that our human mommy put in here for us.Come back to see us real soon.We will come and see you too and put our paw print in your book.

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After you finish your visit here please go to our other home on the web.We have a lot more things there for you to see.Also won't you please stop in and visit with our human family and their kids.We love all of them so much.




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Thank you so very much.The 2 mommies and their babies are very proud of this award. They are proud to be members of the Tripod Cat Pod

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