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Marvelous Meows

The 2 Mommies & their Babies

life sweeter

little RascalMommielittle Heidi


My human mommy and daddy named me Tiger. Me and my mommy came to my humans home in late winter of 1989.

There were already 3 cats living inside the house. The nice people made a bed for us on the front porch. They fed and watered us every day.

I remember my mommy very well.She was beautiful and taught me how to take care of myself.She gave me lots of affection.Even though the nice people did not take us into the house,mommy and I were so lucky to have some kind of shelter and to be fed and watered.

My mommy taught me the dangers of the fast cars and the bad kids in the neighborhood.We stayed close to our humans house,usually on the proch.We felt so safe there.One day I stayed on the proch and my mommy went to do her "business".A bad kid started chasing mommy.She began to run,I was so afraid for her.I ran after mommy.I began to shake when I heard her scream.The bad kid took a club and beat her head in.I ran to mommy and was crying.With her last breath she told me to run to the safety under the porch.She told me to always remember what she had taught me.She was bleeding all over the ground.The bad kid was watching us and laughing.Mommy kept telling me to run.I didn't want to leave her but she told me that I could not help and to save myself.Her poor lifeless body laid in the street.I cried and cried.The boy was laughing so hard,he took off after me.I ran as fast as my baby paws would go.I heard someone start screaming at the bad kid.It was my humans neighbor.Did she know that the bad kid killed my mommy? The bad kid was afraid of the human and he disappeared down the street.

I ran under the back porch and nobody could hurt me there.I stayed there a long time before I felt safe enough to come out.I wanted to go back to the front porch where mommy and I had been so happy.Now I was all alone.I am so afraid and lonely.

I went back to the porch and laid in the box where me and mommy had been so happy.My humans did not even know that someone killed my mommy.A big truck came and took a shovel and threw her in the back of it.I did not even get to tell my mommy goodbye.I loved my mommy so much.I hope the humans will someday let me go inside with the other cats.I don't want that to happen to me.

I wish I could have told the humans what had happened to my mommy.I tried but they could not understand my cat language.They did know that I was very sad and had wondered what had happened to my mommy.There used to be people that stole animals in our neighborhood.Maybe they thought that is what happened to my mommy.Maybe someday the neighbor lady will tell my humans about the bad kid.I sure hope so then maybe they will take me inside so I won't get my head bashed in.

I tried to remember all the things my mommy had taught me.I wish the humans would let me come inside and live.I was really sad and afraid to be by myself.

If I ever have any babies I will know how to be a really good mommy because I had the best mommy in the world.I remember all the things she taught me and I will teach my babies the same thing.I will also love my babies just like my mommy loved me.

Somehow I managed to get through the rest of the winter but there was an emptiness inside of me.Then it happened.

On April 13, 1990 I gave birth to 4 beautiful baby girls. A big old Tomcat tried to get my babies.Upon noticing my anxiety over this the humans took me and my girls inside the house.

We were adopted by this wonderful family. There were teenagers in the family so we had to get used to loud Rock n Roll music.There were 3 other cats living there also but we soon all adjusted.We became one big happy family.

Two of my little girls stayed with me. My human mommy and daddy named them Rascal and Smokey. Pretty good names,since Rascal could be quite a rascal at times and Smokey hated smoke.

My other 2 little girls were given to Jody.He named them Dusty and Rusty. He gave them a very good home and they are still with him. He named Rusty after our human mommy, I guess not many people have a sweet kitten named after them. He named Dusty that because it rhymes with Rusty.

We each knew our place in the family.There is definitely a hierachry. Heidi was the Matriarch, next was Patches,Lucky and then me.The little girls, Rascal and Smokey were low cats on the totem pole.

cats cuddling

Everything was good until Sept.1995. Heidi was very old now and had gotten very sick. She died on Sept.13,1995. We didn't know what exactly happened. Why wasn't Heidi at our home anymore? We would search the entire house looking for her but couldn't find her. My human mommy and daddy, who you know as Rustyjo and Chuck were so sad. We sensed that something bad had happened and that Heidi wasn't coming back home.

On Nov.6, 1995,less than 2 months after losing Heidi we heard a faint meow coming from the register. Daddy went to the basement to investigate.

tuxedo cat

He came back with a tiny,wet,shivering ball of black and white fur. It was a tiny little girl kitten, barely weaned.

We all went crazy over her. Here was another baby for me to take care of. I love to groom and watch after the little ones. To everyone's amazement Patches and Lucky took to her right away also. They knew that she would be no threat to their place in the family. She certainly couldn't hurt any of us either.

Mommy and daddy named her Bandit. I heard them tell Jeff, Kevin, Jody and Krissy that she stole their heart away and Bandit would be a perfect name for her. She also had a black patch over her eye.

I became Bandit's adopted cat mommy. Patches was more like the grandma, She was 12 now and a baby to groom and watch after was not on her agenda.She did like to play with her though.

Lucky was the big brother and Rascal and Smokey were the big sisters to Bandit. They would play and romp with her until they all got exhausted. Then they would take the cat naps that we are all so famous for.

cat running&snoozing

tabby cat

In late summer of 1996, a little black and gray striped kitten took refuge under the backporch. She was afraid of her own shadow. Mommy and daddy put bowls of food and water out for her every day. Slowly and with much patience mommy gained her confidence. Soon the little kitten would allow mommy to pet her.She even allowed our mommy to hold her but she was so afraid of everything.She would run back under the safety of the porch whenever she heard a noise.

Mommy and daddy fed and watered the kitten all through the winter. She never left the area of the backyard.

Now the year is 1997 and it started out terrible. Patches went away just like Heidi did. It was Jan.27,1997 the last time we saw Patches. Mommy told me that she went to be with Heidi in Kittycat Heaven. I'm not sure what that means but if mommy said it was o.k. than it must be o.k.

The little kitty that showed up in the summer of 1996 was still living under the back porch.I would sometimes sit on the windowsill on the back porch . It was enclosed and a great place to play. I would see her in the yard.She had a small dog house out there that mommy and daddy put there for her.She looked like she had really grown to me. She looked like she might be getting a little bit of a bulge to her tummy.

I soon found out why she looked like she had a bulge to her tummy. Mommy brought her inside. She made a birthing box for her.This was in late Mar. 1997 and on Apr 29. 1997 this little cat gave birth to 3 little kittens. There were 2 boys and 1 girl. Mommy was there with her the entire time. She stroked her head and offered sweet words of encouragement to her. Mommy helped her with the birth .The new cat's name was Baby. Mommy and daddy said that she acted like a baby. Mommy named the kittens Cody, Little Bear and Cheyenne. Cody and Cheyenne were both boys. Little Bear reminded mommy of a little bear cub when she was born. Mommy named them after their favorite vacation spot, Wyoming.

cat in dresser Patches

After Baby weaned the kittens mommy and daddy brought them into the main house.

We were all so excited. We all took to them right away. Even though Baby was full grown she was no threat to us. My daughter, Rascal, adopted the kittens as her own. She washed them, played with them and taught them tricks.

Cody is long haired with a black, white and tan coat. Cheyenne is short haired with a black, white and tan coat. Little Bear is black with brown specks. Baby looks a lot like Rascal, black and gray striped short hair.Baby has mitten paws and the vet told mommy that was a sign of intelligence.

Lucky liked to watch the kittens play.He was really fascinated by them.Bandit was still a baby herself,and like human children she felt that she would be pushed aside.She soon found out her worries were for nothing.There was more than enough love to go around.It was also fun to have someone that she could now "boss" around.Yes,she took one step up on the ladder of the hierachy.

Everything was running smoothly and the kittens were growing.We were all helping Baby take care of them & teach them all the necessary things that a kitten should know.Then it happened once again.It was in Sept.1997,the kittens were less than 5 months old when Lucky went to be with Heidi & Patches.Mommy told us they are all together once again.They will never again be in pain,but will always be happy and playing the way kitties should.

cat Rainbow Bridge

In Loving Memory of Our

Kitties & Doggies

Who have crossed Over the Rainbow


Author Unknown

This is dedicated to Our Sweet

Heidi,Patches,Lucky,Duke and Tippy

God looked around His garden And found an empty space,

He then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face.

He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest,

God's garden must be beautiful He only takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain.

He knew you might never get well upon this earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb.

So He closed your weary eyelids and whispered "Peace be thine"

It broke Mom's heart to lose you but you never went alone

For part of her went with you the day God called you Home.


Mommy also said that Lucky,Patches and Heidi are with Duke and Tippy.They were Mommy and Daddy's doggies.they went away a long time ago.I wasn't even born yet.Mommy said that Duke used to let Heidi ride on his back and let Patches "fluff" him and then she would take a nap on his back.She said that Tippy was her dog and every time he saw a camera he would set up to have his picture taken.I know that they must have been really nice doggies because my Mommy and Daddy loved them.Mommy said that Duke is probably taking Heidi and Patches a ride and Lucky is playing catch with Tippy.They both loved to play ball.Mommy finally told us that they were at Rainbow Bridge or Doggie and Kitty Heaven.Mommy thinks of them every day.

cat angeldog angel

Please visit them at

Paws To Remember

Now we all live together as one big happy family. Once in a great while one of us may get a little bit miffed at each other. That is the way it is in families with a lot of siblings.

stray no more

I heard mommy and daddy say that we had all been abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. The kittens that were born here and my kittens have always known love because of our mommy and daddy. Mommy and daddy said that we were helpless and defenseless.They said that they could never turn any of us away. They could not resist the pitiful little meows annd the purrs of contentment. I sure am glad that they are our mommy and daddy.

Mommy and daddy are very responsible cat parents, They have had all of us spayed and neutered. If we get sick we go to the vet. We don't really like to go there but mommy and daddy said it was very necessary. We have to go once a year even if we aren't sick to get booster shots We all stay inside the house with mommy and daddy. We are what you call indoor cats. Mommy and daddy said there is too much danger outside. I know they are right because before I got to live inside I saw all the fast cars and sometimes there were bad people.

Mommy and daddy said that we are the Purrfect Pets and they love all of us the same. We love our mommy and daddy too.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about our family. Mommy and daddy are going to put some pictures of us in here for you to see. We are much more beautiful than any photo. We wish that you could see us in person. I bet you love you kitty cats too. I bet you also think that we cats do make the most Purrfect Pets and we have such Marvelous Meows.

I feel so special cause Linda and her kittys sent me a beautiful award to me and only me.The other kittys are a little jealous but they will get over it.You can't cry over spilled milk.Linda and her kittys know I am "The Topcat".Thank you so much Linda.Please go and visit them after you visit with me and Baby and our "kids".
Tiger's Award

Maybe I will let Baby take a crack at writing a little about us.If those babies are good I might let them too.Baby is very nice and a good mommy just like me. My name is Tiger and I will be closing for now. Please come back often.

One of the things we loved to do was watch the fish in the aquarium.We also like to sit on the windowseat and look at the birds flying and the squirrels running up the tree. I thought you may enjoy this also.

cat watching fishwindowseat


Hi! My name is Baby.Tiger and Mommy said that I could try my "paw" at writing a little bit about myself,my kids and my wonderful life. I never dreamed that life could be so great and worryfree.

When Mommy finally got me on the back porch it was almost time for my babies to be born.I was really scared,I was afraid of everything.Mommy spoke such soft words to me and stroked me that I soon felt safe for the first time in my young life.

Soon the time came for the birth of my babies.Mommy was right there with me the entire time.She held my paw and stroked my head while telling me what a great job I was doing.Soon I had given birth to the most beautiful little boys and little girl that I had ever seen.

We stayed on the back porch until the little ones were weaned,but we did come into the main house about once a day to get the other "guys" used to us.

I didn't mind at all because it was so safe and warm.I was not afraid anymore.Mommy & Daddy would never let anyone or anything hurt me or my babies.

Soon the day came when we went to the Vet.I was pretty sick and had passed it on to the babies.We got shots and nasty medicine we had to take.I didn't like that but I didn't put up too much of a fuss.Mommy kept saying it was good for us and would make us all better.She was right because in no time at all we were feeling FANTASTIC.

Then the time finally came for us to live in the Main House.It was so big that at first I just stayed in the kitchen.

I had to make sure everything was safe because there were other cats already in the house living with Mommy & Daddy.When I lived outside there were mean cats that hurt me,so I was a little bit afraid of these cats.

My "kids"were too young to have any sense of fear or danger.You know how "kids" can be.I would watch the other cats play with my kids.They would wash them.wrestle with them,play ball and just have fun.

Slowly,I would go and explore each room of the house.Mommy & Daddy never forced any of us to get along.They said that we had to make up with each other in our own way.

Mommy & Daddy have a "pool room" and it has a big table in the middle of it.They call it a pool table.They have a cover on it,and then a blanket,another pool cover,and 2 more blankets.They made that like that so the cats would have a cozy place to lay.

One particular day I ventured into the "pool room".I jumped up on the table and to my surprise Tiger was laying at the other end.She turned around and looked at me and told me that I could stay on the table but I had to stay on the other end.

Since Tiger accepted me I knew everything would be fine with the other cats and me and my babies.

It was so great because now there were sisters and a grandma for my babies to play with. They also helped me teach the babies the necessary things little ones should know.

Yes,Life is Great now.I never knew it could be so wonderful.

My babies are almost two years old now and they are so well adjusted and happy.Tiger,Rascal,Smokey and Bandit love them so much.Guess What! They even love me.About a month ago Tiger began to wash me.She makes you lay there perfectly quiet,she washes our face,ears head and our whole body.I never had a "mommy" that I remember that ever washed me before.I am finally a real member of the family.Everyone loves me and my babies and we love everyone,especially our Mommy & Daddy.

If Tiger forgot to tell you,my babies are 2 little boys and 1 little girl.Cody is the oldest,then Lil Bear,my only little girl,then Cheyenne,my youngest and also a little boy.All of my kids are so very loving.They always cheer Mommy and Daddy up if they are feeling blue.

I hope my grammar was o.k. because I am only a little over 2 years old and not as smart as the other "guys".

Tiger has put a guestbook in here for us.Please take the time and sign it.Tell us about your Purrfect Pets that you love so much.I hope you enjoyed hearing just a little bit about our background and that you will come back to visit us soon.

Crissy found out that her brothers Mannix and Nicodemus sent an award to Tiger.She,like Tiger,is the "Top Cat" of her family.She thought that me and all of the "babies" deserved our very own special award too.She is so nice just like our Tiger.Thank you Crissy.Naturally,Tiger is bragging that she got her award first.Who cares! At least,Crissy sent us one.
Baby's Award

Whoops! Tiger just came into the room.She reminded me to tell you that she and I decided that we would let the kittens tell you a little bit about theirselves.They are in the other room and there is much meowing going on.They are trying to decide who will speak first.We will leave that decision up to them.They probably have a lot to say so we thought it would be purrfectly marvelous if they had a page just for them.So please go and meet our sweet and sometimes ornery Babies,Rascal,Smokey,Bandit,Cody,Lil Bear,and Cheyenne in

The Kittens Speak

Our Buddies,2 legged and 4 legged

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